Lessons My Brothers Taught Me Book Review

Lessons My Brothers Taught Me: How to Transform Your Personal Qualities Into A Successful Business by Charles D. McCarrick weaves personal experiences with timeless business acumen to give would-be business owners a valuable guide to running a successful business.

Using Charles’s successful antenna company, Micro-Ant, the book takes the audience through examples of how to use personal qualities to create and continue a successful business.

This review will cover book details, an overview, and key takeaways.

Book Summary

Page Length: 200 pages

Publication Date: November 9, 2022
Publisher: Houndstooth Press
Audiobook Length: 5hrs 8mins

Book Overview

Lessons My Brothers Taught Me includes ten chapters with a forward and afterwards from Charles’s brothers.

From Charles’ perspective, many asked him about starting a business, but they rarely asked about succeeding in it. This book lays the groundwork for people to thrive when starting their companies instead of simply starting.

Each chapter revolves around the Four S’s presented in the introduction: Salability, Sensibility, Sustainability, and Scalability. Each ‘S’ is part of a cycle to turn personal qualities into a successful company.

The chapters are casual in tone and humorous in nature. For example, each chapter will include a concept and present several examples from Charles’s childhood that taught him a life lesson. It’s as if Charles himself was sitting down to talk to the reader about thriving in business.

The humor comes with Charles’s childhood experiences. Each had a moral of the story that applied to a successful business practice, tying nicely into one of the 4S’s. Those childhood experiences Charles had turned into life lessons for his business, Micro-Ant.

Most professional experiences in the book come from Micro-Ant, but some come from previous employers that shaped his outlook on business success. For example, Charles explained his justification for creating Micro-Ant, his apprehensions, and his challenges with one of Micro-Ant’s presidents.

Lessons My Brothers Taught Me

Lessons My Brothers Taught Me

Key Take Aways

Charles addressed a common problem at the beginning of Lessons My Brothers Taught Me. He observed that people are more interested in starting a business but rarely asked how to continue a business. He found that literature gap and wrote the book we have today.

That was an astute observation by Charles I appreciated. Although I’m not looking to start or maintain a business any time soon, I learned that you have to look at the existing content and see the gaps in knowledge.

Although obvious, it’s harder to find literature gaps and find a relevant way to fill those content voids. Nevertheless, Charles did well at meaningfully contributing to the literature community.

Since most readers of this blog are military, Lessons My Brothers Taught Me can apply to leadership. Charles explains how to care for employees, which relates to a military chain of command. The overall lesson learned from Lessons My Brothers Taught Me is that when you take care of your people, they’ll take care of you.

Also, another military concept found in the book was how past lessons apply to the present and future. Consistent After Action Reviews (AARs) help people review mistakes and gain relevant lessons from long-term success. Whether in business or the military, the concept is the same. Learn from the past and apply those lessons to future situations.


I enjoyed reading Lessons My Brothers Taught Me. The stories were comical, and I liked the 4Ss concept.

Military leaders and people in business can benefit from this book.

Have you read this book? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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